Inspired by one of the greatest legends of the 20th Century, the SEA collection embodies the sheer power of one of man’s greatest achievements –the Titanic. From its aesthetics to its mechanics, the Titanic-DNA collection is a true testimony to the Industrial Revolution and offers timepieces infused with elements of the famous ocean liner.



A fusion between two genuine Titanic steels and traditional watchmaking steel.



MaterialsRJ’s Titanic steel is a fusion between two genuine Titanic steels and traditional watchmaking steel. The brand purchased a piece of steel of the Titanic from a diver who participated in one of the first underwater expeditions, before the wreck was proclaimed a protected site. At the same time Harland & Wolff, the shipyard where the famous transatlantic was constructed, supplied RJ-Romain Jerome with steel used for the construction of the Titanic. A Certificate of Authenticity from Harland & Wolff comes with each piece of the Titanic-DNA collection.
STEAMPUNKSteampunk timepieces are instilled with the Steampunk aesthetic, a retro-futuristic design combined with the inspiration of steam-powered machinery, representative of Western civilization during the 19th Century and feature rust and rough finishes. Every detail from these Swiss Made timepieces takes you back to the metallic and coal blackened engine rooms of the industrial revolution that inspired the Steampunk movement and reminds us of the majestic transatlantic ships from the 20th Century.


Welcome to RJ-Romain Jerome Urban Safari

    RJ explores new territories with its new Steampunk Urban Safari collection. In a nod to the 70’s style and la SAPE – a dandy-esque fashion movement originating in the Congo which stands for the “Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People” – RJ-Romain Jerome pays tribute to a provocative fashion. Exuberance is key, expressed […]

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