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Moon-DNA is an exclusive and original collection inspired by the most fascinating human adventure of all: the conquest of space. It is an homage to the Moon itself, to the technological breakthroughs as well as to the men behind these adventures and the achievements of all those who have conquered space.



RJ Custom Watches - Moon Invader Red Metal Auto

Moon Dust, Moon Invader, Skylab, 1969, Moon Orbiter, Exceptional Pieces.


Immensity of Space

MATERIALSThe different Moon-DNA elements such as Moon dust, fragments of the Apollo 11 spacecraft and fibres from an International Space Station (ISS) spacesuit were all acquired at auctions. The elements from the Apollo 11 spacecraft are infused with traditional watchmaking steel. Each timepiece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
MOON SILVERRJThe Moon Silver is an alloy made of actual Moon Dust and Silver that boasts an extremely low oxidisation rate. This disc is a true representation of the Moon and features a moonscape-textured surface which acquires a beautiful patina through contact with the weaver’s wrist.


Moon Orbiter GMT, a lunar destiny

RJ-Romain Jerome unveils its new flying tourbillon, the Moon Orbiter GMT: the epitome of contemporary fine watchmaking. This futuristic, architectural and technical timepiece retains much of its predecessor’s DNA to unfold a whole new version.

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