Moon-DNA is an exclusive and original collection inspired by the most fascinating human adventure of all: the conquest of space. It pays homage to the Moon itself, to the technological breakthroughs as well as to the men behind these adventures and to the achievements of all those who have conquered space. Nations have fought to be the first ones there; generations have been fascinated by it. Using authentic and certified elements such as Moon dust, fragments of the Apollo 11 or fibers from an International Space Station spacesuit, this collection celebrates the Moon itself and the achievements of all those who have conquered space.

Moon Dust

Using technical brilliance and highly innovative materials, RJ-Romain Jerome has adopted a revolutionary approach with the collection. From dial, case to strap, each part of this timepiece is inspired and influenced by space. Infused by key elements of lunar landings, the Moon Dust collection combines authentic materials with RJ expertise. Steel from the actual Apollo 11 spacecraft have been incorporated into the case. Authentic Moon dust is combined with natural pigments to give the dial the nuances and hues that adorn the Moon, fibers from a spacesuit are carefully woven into the crocodile leather strap. The design of the dial echoes the journey, inspired by spacecraft solar panels and the landing target featured on some models, and reflects the surface of the Moon.

Moon Invader

Symbolic and striking, the Moon Invader collection celebrates man’s galactic achievements and adventures. With a technically complex yet highly sophisticated case, the design of the watch evokes memories of the lunar mission. Four screws and four ball and socket joints surround the case like the feet of the lunar landing pod, also known as the LEM, and form the X that has become a tradition on RJ dials.

Like the tire strands on lunar roving vehicles and as an industry first, the Moon Invader dial’s “mesh pattern” creates a high tech screen over its multiple layers. Superluminova enriches the inner bezel rings and hands, adding to the intricate detail and aesthetic subtlety of the Moon Invader collection. The special Moon SilverRJ plate, a special silver alloy incorporating Moon dust, on the stellar case-back of the watch, is a powerful promise of the Moon on the wrist.